For the new Yahoo Mail (June 2017 version), I cannot figure out a way to copy and paste multiple email addresses when composing a new email. I tried delimiting with semicolons, commas, and spaces, but it only retains the first and last email in the "To" field. For example:

user1@yahoo.com; user2@yahoo.com; user3@yahoo.com

user1@yahoo.com, user2@yahoo.com, user3@yahoo.com

user1@yahoo.com user2@yahoo.com user3@yahoo.com

Will result in this (only the first and last emails are retained):

enter image description here

This used to work with the previous "Classic Yahoo Mail" (prior to June 2017 version).

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    @pnuts I was trying it for about 8 emails. I also tried separation by space, same result.
    – wisbucky
    Dec 5, 2017 at 2:00


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