If a cell in a row has any of the four exact words: text, number, date or time, how can I make it paste that row into the "next available (blank) row" in another sheet (same workbook)?

As I enter row entries into the sheet called "MASTER", I'd like it to auto populate the sheet "RECORDS" with exactly the same information.


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One way might be to flag the rows that are relevant, say with:


in MASTER copied down to suit, and then select on the basis of those flags, say with:

=query(MASTER!A:H,"select * where H=TRUE")



Assumes any addition to RECORDS will be from the bottom of MASTER, or not required in RECORDS.

  • Many thanks pnuts - so the first formula gos into "MASTER" - but where? I have a cell in each row (column J) containing the trigger keywords ("text", "number", "date" or "time") which I select from a drop-down menu within the cell, and preceding that, the previous cells in the row (A2:I2) contain other info that I want to copy into the sheet "RECORDS". So where do I enter each of these formula's please.
    – KHL
    Commented Dec 11, 2017 at 22:26

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