I generally use Google Docs to create my documents and most of the time, I have to export it to PDF.

The problem is that sometimes I need to save this PDF in Google Drive. So far, I do:

  1. Download the document in: File > Download As > PDF.
  2. Upload it to Google Drive

Is there an option in Google Drive to "Save as PDF" (without the need to download and upload the document)?

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As pointed out here:

To "Save as PDF" instead of "Download as PDF", one should:

  1. File > Print
  2. Change destination to Google Drive

Not a straightforward assumption, but it works.


  • Nice! But it seems to save to the Drive account which Chrome is logged into ... not the Drive account you're looking at. And it saves to the root, not the folder where the Doc resides. – Dan Jun 3 at 13:22

Alternatively, you can have the link to PDF version of the current document:

Now, this link will always point to PDF file with current version of the doc. The file will not be stored in the list of docs in the GDrive, but will be downloaded every time

  • This is awesome! How did I not know! – Dan Jun 3 at 12:45
  • Note that this answer does not answer the question. The question says they're currently downloading a PDF version from a Docs document, but would like to export directly from the Docs document to their Drive (not download). This answer gives a URL syntax for downloading a PDF version from a Docs document, not export directly from the Docs document to their Drive. – Matthew Sep 6 at 15:41

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