In my Google sheets presentation, I have a table. In some of the cells of that table, I would like to create a bullet-pointed list. Unfortunately, the default bullet point indent size pushes each item in about 25% of the cell, followed by the post-bullet indent. This means the text starts close to halfway through my cell.

My question is, can I adjust the indent size for the bullet points in these lists? Is there a way of creating a themed bullet point with customized indent sizes?


There is a way (most likely updated since last answer)

  1. Select the text box which has a list, click "format options..." in the contextual toolbar (similar to ribbon in MS office apps)
  2. Expand "Text fitting"
  3. Under "Indentation", adjusting "special" fields allows you to customize the indent and bullet formatting.

screenshot of formatting options

Pretty great!

  • This worked for me. Indentation moves bullet point itself, while special moves the text away / towards the point. – Jezor Mar 19 '19 at 9:13
  • Is there a way to persist this for all titles on the same level? This setting seems to be gone when you add a title on the same level later – Vincent Jun 8 '19 at 10:58

Use two columns, one for the bullet , the other for the content, the set the separation by setting the column width of the bullet column...

... because Google Sheets in cell rich text settings are limited to italics, bold, underline, strike through and color.

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