I'm trying to get Google Sheets to auto-fill dates in the beneath cells after I have manually filled one myself. The strange issue is that when I hold Command key and drag down, the cells auto-populate with dates but it is the YEAR that changes, and not the day or month.

I have formatted the column with the day/month/year date pattern. I have tried adding my own custom format to the list but it doesn't allow it. It seems the sheet does recognise it as a date, but isn't understanding that I want the day to increase, not the year.

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    Thanks :) I've tried formatting the cells both before and after inputting the data and the same thing occurs. I doubled-checked the sheet's locale was set to UK and it is. The date I'm keying in is 17.12.17. The only thing I can think is that the use of the fullstops is throwing it off. I'll try slashes and see if that works. – Adele halsall Dec 14 '17 at 23:07
  • You can find the answer here. – marikamitsos Feb 17 at 11:56

First thing: don't hold Command key.

Second: Make sure your computer have the date configured accordingly. If you want to use the date in the format DD/MM/YYYY, you have to set this in your computer.

In my case, if I enter the date in the "wrong" format, let's say: 05/30/2017 (MM/DD/YYYY), when I drag the square down, it updates the year.

  • Thanks for replying :) I've checked the date format on my macbook and it is the exact same format I'm trying to employ in Sheets (DD/MM/YY). – Adele halsall Dec 14 '17 at 23:09

Just use slash / as a separator even thought the format is set to dot . separator (date will appear as dd.mm.yyyy, but when you will double click to edit, you will see, that data inside is dd/mm/yyyy).


make sure your day and month abbreviation is only 3 char (ex Tue vs Tues or Jul vs July) and then select two columns, drag plus symbol across and it should populate your columns by increasing day, date. [Mon, Jul 1, 2019; Tue, Jul 2, 2019]

  • you can use ARRAYFORMULA instead of dragging it

                                           ":A"&DATEVALUE("2019-1-29"))), "dd/mm/yyyy")))



Make sure your spreadsheet is set to United Kingdom. File>Spreadsheet Settings>Locale

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    Why should it be set to United Kingdom and not to any other country? – Rubén Nov 21 '18 at 19:03

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