I'm posting some YouTube videos on my WordPress blog, but they always default to 360p, even though I've provided the &hd=1 parameter. The videos can go up to 1080p if the user selects it, and I'd like to set a default of at least 720p. I don't care if they bump it down or not.

Can this be done?


I'm not sure if you can set the resolution for the user. YouTube's horrible embedded player is AFAIK the same as the horrible player on their webpage, which means the resolution is configured by the user and not the poster.


You need to add hd=1&, not just the hd=1. Without the ampersand, it won't work.

Follow our post here.

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    Only if the parameter is not the last, i.e. it's followed by other parameters. – Some programmer dude Sep 25 '13 at 3:33

Add this argument to your query string: &vq=hd720

For example:


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