Is there any method in which I could setup a route from work to home:

  1. <workplace address>
  2. <home address>

and then add an additional location:

  1. <workplace address>
  2. <home address>

and search for specific type of location, such as park, supermarket, gas station, etcetera:

  1. <workplace address>
  2. supermarket
  3. <home address>

to find the location which is least disruptive to my route, with traffic remaining factored in)?


Current attempts to search for supermarket (using Google Maps on Chrome browser on Windows PC) assume a specific supermarket without offering a selection.

(In my specific experiment, the automatically selected supermarket was immediately undesirable since it asks me to head away from my home rather than suggest a place which is on the way.)

Alternatives are available, using the link: is this not the supermarket you were looking for?.

Clicking this link lists several other alternative supermarkets (with addresses written in unselectable text), but when mouse-hovering over the alternatives, the route(s) to/through these locations (or even just a pin of the location) don't load up on the map; therefore you have to choose one blindly, with no recourse for comparison.

Opening the alternatives in a new tab is not supported.

Clicking any of the suggestions (blindly) also causes the user to (irrevocably) lose the search to the rest.

Clicking back shows the original, automatically-selected supermarket, but removes the link to show alternatives.

Additionally, reperforming the search tends to list the supermarkets in a different order, which leads the user toward losing track of which supermarkets have been attempted already.

  • Sometimes google maps decides to show alternatives, sometimes it picks one... google does what it wants. Open a new tab & search for alternatives, and pick the one closest to your route yourself, then put it's address into your main route tab... but you said you can't use a new tab, or you didn't try like this?
    – Xen2050
    Commented Dec 18, 2017 at 21:36

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This finds and adds a destination along your route. It does not solve the second problem mentioned later in your OP about not getting to choose from a list of destinations.

Create a route from Bellevue WA to Puyallup WA.

Click "+ Add destination."

Type "burgers near Burien" and Enter.

(Burien is a community along the route. It's the best Google can do.)

A specific Burien fast-food place is added to the end of the route after Puyallup. You must drag it up into the sequence position you want.


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