As a developer, I sometimes want to estimate how long a particular process takes. So I'll let it run a while, take the number of items it completed, and divide by how long it took. So if process X completed 500 items in 2 hours, I can plug it into Google's search engine like so:

500/(2 hours)

to get the rate. However, the result is in Hertz:

500/(2 hours) in Hertz

1/s is not a particularly useful unit for these quantities. I'd like this one to be in 1/minutes. However, adding in 1/minutes to the end just confuses Google and prevents it from calculating anything:

in 1/minutes confuses Google

Google calculator behaves similarly for 1/hours.

How can I get control the units of frequency?


Instead of in 1/minutes, use in minutes^-1:

Calculated in 1/minutes using minutes^-1

Google recognizes this as a unit and converts to it, unlike 1/minutes. It might take a bit of getting use to, but it gives you the quantity you want.

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