By default, I am now getting calendar event notifications from newly created events 10 minutes before the start time. I'd like to change this to be 5 minutes before the start time by default because otherwise I will start working on something else in that 10-minute span and forget about the meeting.

There used to be a global setting for this in the old Google Calendar.

In the "new Google Calendar", I cannot find the setting. Does it still exist? Here's what I see under settings > event settings.

Google Calendar Event Settings

The options under the "notifications" field are:

  • Off
  • Browser Notifications
  • Interruptive Alerts

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It appears to be a per calendar setting now.

  • Click the action menu (three vertical dots) next to your calendar name in the left side bar OR go to Settings then click the calendar you want to change
  • Go to Event notifications
  • Change your default notification times

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be something you can change globally. A bit of a bummer for people like us who have a lot of custom and shared calendars.

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