Not sure if this has been documented elsewhere;

In the Conditional Logic Builder, what are the valid values for Order.PaymentStatus?

PS - We are trying to setup a way to send confirmation emails which will be sent only when we have received the money. We only accept cheques, so the status will have to be changed manually.

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The current possible values of payment statuses are Unpaid, Paid, Declined, and Refunded. More information about the payment statuses can be found on the following support page:


Note: I am Developer at Cognito Forms.

  • It wasn't clear from the page that these strings (Unpaid, Paid, Declined and Refunded) are the ones we could use in the Conditional Logic Builder. I guess for Entry.Status, strings that we could use to match are Incomplete, Submitted, Reviewed, Complete - for now. IMHO, it would help if they could be made selectable from the Conditional Logic Builder since these could be changed in the future.
    – Natee T.
    Jan 2, 2018 at 14:22

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