Given I liked the ad video between the videos, I'd like to note the direct video address of it, so I can save and watch it again later on. How can this be achieved?


While on the ad video, right click on the content and choose Copy debug info. Then paste the content in any textarea or editor (such as notepad) and search for the line consisting ad_debug_videoId value, e.g.

"ad_debug_videoId": "AD_VIDEO_ID",

Once you copy the text string, you can replace it with your original video, e.g.

  1. Right click on the ad video area and select Stats for nerds from the contextual menu.
  2. Find line with the Video ID in the little box and copy its string value next to it.
  3. Open a new tab and type in the address bar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViDe0_1D.
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    Instead of writing a second answer, please consider updating your existing one. – marikamitsos Sep 3 at 21:38
  • Is the only difference between the two answers where you are obtaining the video ID from? – jonsca Sep 3 at 22:37
  • @marikamitsos These are separate answers (with different approach), so they should be voted separately. – kenorb Sep 4 at 0:14
  • See: What is the official etiquette on answering a question twice? ("When you have two distinct answers, it's better to post two different answers") – kenorb Sep 4 at 0:16
  • @jonsca Yes, you could say that, but I didn't see the similarities this way. For me, these are 2 different methods (only last part is similar). One method could stop working over another at some point in time, when they change something. This method is new one, and I think it wasn't available last year. – kenorb Sep 4 at 0:22

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