I set up Bitmoji in Slack, and I'm able to send Bitmoji with just my avatar with /bitmoji command commands. I can also send Bitmojis with someone else via /bitmoji @someone command. But if someone tries to do the latter with me, or I try to do it with myself, there's an error message I do not have an avatar for your friend <name>. Since I do have my account set up and have access to at least some functionality, I assume this is a misconfiguration of some sort. How do I fix it?


I too found the same issue on Slack for colleagues that have Bitmoji connected to Slack. I am not able to include them in group Bitmojis.

I was able to resolve the problem by changing the display name so that it does not contain and spaces or special characters. That seemed to work for a few people. However most recently this little trick has failed.

  • Changing your own display name? – user2752467 Feb 16 '18 at 17:19

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