I want to ask if the recently well used 2-step verification does actually keep the online accounts safe. (by using a mobile phone) ?

  1. Assuming access to phone stays on our concern.

    • What could be the case, that someone is able to get access over it ?

2-step verification (or 2-factor authentication) is a step above 1-factor authentication (just a password) because it requires the user to have access to something (generally, a specific cell phone) as well as know the password in order to log in to an account.

However, 2-factor verification does not eliminate any security concerns. Researchers have shown many times that 2-factor authentication can be compromised. See these articles for some examples:

Using 2-step verification is more secure than not using it, by a long shot, but it can still be compromised. Like any other security method, you can always make something more secure, but you'll probably never make it completely secure.

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