In a google spreadsheet I have a query that gets data from different sheets (tabs) and pastes them into a Master sheet (tab):

=query({Sheet1!A:H; Sheet2!A2:H}, "Select * where Col1<>'' ")

Data in this Master sheet however, cannot be sorted, and I need to.

I found that if I manually copy and paste data into another sheet (tab) as "values only" I can then sort them.

So I need a query formula that does just this: automatically gets data from my Master sheet and copy and pastes them into a Master2 sheet as values only.

Any idea?

  • I don't understand why it "cannot be sorted". Why not use add something like "order by Col1 desc" to the query string? Then it's sorted.
    – user135384
    Commented Jan 13, 2018 at 23:26

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The result of QUERY or other similar functions can't be sorted by using the UI sort functions because the values are calculated every time that a recalculation is made in the spreadsheet but we could sort those values by using in formula sort features. In the case of QUERY we could use the ORDER BY clause but also the SORT function.

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