I'm using Trello to organize my research and find it difficult to write cards without equations in them. I feel that it also defeats the purpose to add pdf files to every card. Is there any way to embed LaTex lines into a card?


The description supports markdown and embedded images. I use a service from codecogs.com to write equations online and where it says "click here to download" copy the link and put that into the Trello description.

For a simple equation my description in Trello would look something like: ![a=\frac{b}{c}](http://latex.codecogs.com/gif.download?a%3D%5Cfrac%7Bb%7D%7Bc%7D)


If you use a browser extension like Tampermonkey, you can run a script whenever you open a Trello page which will load MathJax. Then you can write LaTeX math like normal and it will be rendered nicely for you. Here's my script for this.

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