As stated in the title, I want to forward an entire conversation (as asked in this question, although the method to do this has changed a bit due to UI changes) while retaining all the attachments in the conversation so that the recipient of the forwarded conversation gets the attachments as well.

Is this possible? I tested forwarding the whole conversation but all attachments are removed when sent. Only forwarding the individual message to which a file has been attached actually sends the attachment, but that also means the recipient cannot read the rest of the conversation.

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There is an icon "Forward All" in Gmail which can achieve this:-

Forward All

Needless to say, this option is only visible when a conversation has more than 1 email.

However, this clubs all the attachments of different emails within the conversation together as essentially you are the one sending a single email, so you may need to mention who sent what attachment while forwarding it.

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