I'm not sure "sequence" is the right word, but I don't know how else to call it. Here's my problem:

I have a formula to calculate cost of something based on its level. It goes like this:

Cost(i) = 100*2^(2+i)

That works well for one element, but I want to calculate the total cost, of level 1 to i:

TotalCost(4) = Cost(4) + Cost(3) + Cost(2) + Cost(1)

It can be written as a sequence, but I don't know if it's doable in Google Sheet.

Mathematically it speaks more to me to call it a sum (precisely sum_(i=1)^n (100*2^(2+i)), you can see it rendered here, copy and paste it) but what spreadsheets call "sums" is something else, involving multiple cells. All I need is a cell with n, and another one with the formula and the result.

As a sequence, it would be:

U1 = 100*2^(3) Un = U(n-1) + 100*2^(2+n)

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You can make ad-hoc, arbitrary, integer-based ranges using the combination of ARRAYFORMULA and ROW() function. For example, the following formula, inserted anywhere, provides a sum of the first 100 natural numbers:


You should be able to take it from here, but if not, this is what you seem to need, for i=1 to 100:


But it's some absurdly large number so if it's not in fact what you need, please provide a more specific example.

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    what does ^ stand for? – user0 Jan 17 at 2:03

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