So recently I uploaded a couple of landscape photos to my timeline. However, I realized when I set the 'view' as public and as the 'specific friend' feature that the photos do not show up for anyone else in my post. The only thing that shows up in my post is my caption and Facebook saying that I added 6 new photos. Furthermore, the photos I recently uploaded into my timeline do not even show up on the photos page when I view as a friend.

The post was public, and I made sure that it was allowed on my timeline. When I went to 'Photos Only under Activity Log' and clicked shared with public, my photos are not visible.

  • Is it any album? have you customize privacy setting? If you have set 'specific friend', it will not show to everyone. Your question is unclear to me. Please add more information. – serenesat Jan 29 '18 at 18:59

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