I'm shocked that it's so hard to find the answer to this question:

How can I see which people following me also follow [some other person]?

Twitter uses this precise relationship to determine who gets to see a tweet I send to someone. The @user address form goes to the recipient and anyone who follows both of us.

How am I supposed to know who's following both of us? I can see a list of who is following me but I shouldn't have to go to every person's profile to see if they're also following person X.

Tell me twitter didn't implement a piece of recipient logic that fundamental and powerful, without allowing users to see the list of people their tweet is going to!

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Short answer: It is not exposed in the web UI.

For completeness the first way you mention is:




Where you then have to look for "Follows you" badges in the displayed list.

The second way is using the intersection of API calls to this endpoint.


Where in the first call user_id is your user id and in the second it's the other user's id.

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