I can't figure out how to make a page horizontal.


To change a page from vertical (portrait) to horizontal (landscape):

  • On your document, select File from the menu at the top
  • Select Page Setup
  • Select Landscape
  • Select OK
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    This works for the whole document, not for a single page or section of the document.
    – simo.3792
    Dec 17 '19 at 6:46

There is no easy way to make a single page landscape, only the whole document. This workaround may help:

  1. Write your content, then cut it with Ctrl+x
  2. Select Insert from the menu at the top, then Drawing...
  3. Paste your content with Ctrl+v
  4. Click Actions up the top right, then Rotate, then Rotate Anticlockwise by 90°
  5. Click Save & Close

From here you can size your "drawing" to fit the page. It may help to insert page breaks before and after using Ctrl+Enter to avoid changing the scale of the content.

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