I am using Firefox Quantum 58.0.

My banking application (here CCP Connect Luxembourg) insists on popping up a completely unnecessary "undecorated window" (no toolbars or anything, on the other hand it has "facebook pixel" and "doubleclick ad exchange" trackers ... kornheiser_why.jpg) to prepare the user's login via 2-factor authentication. As I am using NoScript, and this window uses scripting, it stays blank, but I can't tell NoScript to whitelist this page as there is no NoScript icon on that window...

Let me demonstrate:

The CCP Connect Login Screen

Click on "Login":

The CCP Connect Popup Window

Ouch time!

(The screenshot has a black border because I wanted to capture both windows overlaid, which means I need to "select a rectangle"; can't capture a window tree yet)

What to do?

  • Have you tried using another browser? It this only happens on firefox it's very likely that the problem/solution is related to it and then the question could be better served on Super User. – Rubén Jan 28 '18 at 18:01

All right, it's actually simple if you know how to. The key lies in this mozillaZone article: Prevent websites from disabling new window features.

You have to tune the appropriate dom. disable_window_open_feature.* variable in about:config. There are quite a few:

  • close: Prevents the close button from being disabled.
  • directories: Prevents the bookmarks toolbar from being hidden.
  • location: Prevents the address bar from being hidden
  • menubar: Prevents the menubar from being hidden.
  • minimizable: Prevents popup window minimization from being disabled.
  • personalbar: Prevents the bookmarks toolbar from being hidden.
  • resizable: Prevents popup window resizing from being disabled.
  • scrollbars: Prevents the scrollbars on a popup from being disabled.
  • status: Prevents the status bar from being hidden.
  • titlebar: Prevents the title bar from being hidden.
  • toolbar: Prevents the navigation toolbar from being hidden.

It's the last one which is of interest here. So let's search for it in the about:config screen and toggle it to true:

Tune da Firefox, yo

This will preclude the banking application from switching off the toolbar like it owns the place:

We have a Toolbar

We can then tell NoScript to allow scripts from previously unknown origins (https://secure.ccp-connect.lu and https://orely.luxtrust.com), which makes the 2-factor auth screen appear:

A login screen appears, as it should

Happy banking!

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