I am looking for a free web application to manage the sport outings of my caving association. I would like :

  • a way for the members of my association to login (the other should not be able to see the events)
  • a way for the members to create a new outing
  • a way for the members to RSVP to an outing
  • a calendar view of the next outings
  • an email alert for all the new created outing

Something a little bit like http://www.meetup.com/ but for associations.

If there is no free web application available on internet, I am ready to create my own application (I am a developer). However I would like to start with a framework/CMS which could easily meet my needs.

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  • I´ve just developed a facebook webapp that uses facebook platform to manage groups and events. It´s created to focus on sport groups. I guess it has features that can attend all of your requirements. Please, visit httphttp://apps.facebook.com/sportgroup and check if the features can be used to your necessities. Please, return a feedback for me, if you can. Hope you enjoy. – user16231 Jan 9 '12 at 22:56

A lot of PHP User Groups are hosted on Meetup. I guess it's going to work for your association as well.


Google Apps for Business;


Specifically the calendar features, could do all this for you.

Hope this helps.


www.groops.de has, what you want.

Also closed groups, so other people on the platform have no insight into your group.

Just switch to English on the top-right.

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