I noticed that when I type "SoC" or "soc", the results are not the same. But I read on Quora that Google is case sensitive. I don't know what to think ?

Notice : I'm in France

Edit: sorry I wanted to write "But I read on Quora that Google is NOT case sensitive"


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In short: No.

It's not case-sensitive.

First of all, when I searched soc or SoC the results were the same, in the first and second page. So it's weird that in your case they weren't. Maybe there's something specific that cause this.

Here's an answer from a Google employee on Quora:

I work on search at Google and I can confirm Seth's answer: Google search is not case sensitive, whether words are in quotes or not.

To give a little background as to why, you can find good reasons based on both efficiency and user experience. Users tend to just type their searches in lower case and a search engine wouldn't want to hurt those searches or require users to think about what case to use. The cost of using case information during searches is also high compared to how much difference it would make in practice.

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Is there something that is case-sensitive?

The things that are case-sensitive are special search operators such as OR, AND.

If you search for dog or cat the results would be related to things between dogs and cats, such as comparisons and etc.

If you search for dog OR cat the results would be about things related to dogs, aside to things related to cats. Like combining the results from searching dog and searching cat separately.

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