I'm a teacher and would love a way to organize how my students are doing for different topics.

Using a google sheet like below, I organize how different students are doing with different skills by simply assigning them a value (grade) for each skill. 1]

What I'd love to do is then take a column of data for a specific skill, and break it up into three groups depending on their value. Something like: 2]

Here, each student is placed in a group depending on if their grade was high, medium, or low. The problem is, though, that I can't just drag the formulas across the page: in my "Subtracting Fractions" group, the data is being pulled from column E in the Class 100 Mastery tab, which means that's the wrong data. This seems to be happening because in the process of taking one column and splitting it into three messes with how google sheets wants to increment the columns in my filter formula.

Any tips for how I can fix this or get around it? It'd be nice to not have to manually edit the formula each time I want to get the data for a specific skill.

  • Is that condition just replacing one of mine in filter? When I add it in, it says it's getting the wrong number of arguments. – aklingensmith Feb 5 '18 at 22:18
  • 1
    I tweaked what you wrote to match my sheet and came up with the formula: =FILTER('Class 100 Mastery'!A3:A,INDEX('Class 100 Mastery'!B3:Z,,MATCH(E2,'Class 100 Mastery'!3:3,0))<6) The only issue is that something is slight off. This seems to be returning the students scores from my Multiplying Fractions column instead of my Subtracting Fractions column. Which doesn't make sense to me because the MATCH function specifically says to look for E2, which contains the string "Subtracting Fractions". – aklingensmith Feb 5 '18 at 22:33

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