Aside from physically counting them, is there any way to know the number of cards on a Trello board?

I did a search and I found that it's possible to see the number of cards in a list by turning on filtering, but again I have to add up these numbers which is fine for a few lists but not great for a large board.

I have a board where I think it would be handy for general business intelligence to monitor fluctuation in the number of cards, so ideally I'd even like a piece of software to show a weekly graph plot of how many active cards were on a board ... but I'd settle for just knowing how many were there without having to add up the individual list totals. Does this exist?

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I am hoping you use Chrome as there is a great Extension that does exactly this:


If you use the List Limits extension, it will show as ACTUAL_NUMBER / MAX (you have to set the MAX for each column).

enter image description here

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