About a year and a half ago, I sent an e-mail from Gmail with a large .ZIP archive (~90MB). Because the attachment was too large for Gmail, it offered to send it by creating a link to Google Drive.

So, I send that e-mail, and the recipient got it and downloaded that archive from Google Drive.

Now, a year and a half later, I need that archive with pictures, but misplaced it somewhere on my laptop, and the recipient does not have those pictures either.

I found the e-mail in my Sent folder in Gmail, clicked on archive.zip, and got the following message:

Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist. Make sure that you have the correct URL and the file exists.

My question is: Is it possible to somehow retrieve that archive.zip with pictures (is it saved anywhere on Google Drive) or is it gone forever?

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According to the official Restore a user's Gmail and Drive data Google support webpage, you can't restore data that was permanently deleted more than 25 days ago. After 25 days the deleted data is gone forever.

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