I have a spreadsheet on google drive with a series of dates in a column, each date representing a particular event.


If I have two or more events on the same date, that date appear that many times in the column


I'm trying to create a column chart with number of events by month without success.


First you should prepare your data to be plotted.

One of many ways is to use QUERY.


=query(A1:A9,"select year(A),month(A)+1, count(A) group by year(A),month(A)+1 label year(A) 'Year', month(A)+1 'Month', count(A) 'Count'")

NOTE: month(A)+1 is used because 0 is January, 1 February and so on, but people use 1 for January, 2 for February and so on.


Year  Month Count 
1998      1     4
2000      2     1
2000      3     4

Then you could create a chart like the following:

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  • Looking at the chart, versus the data, the chart is nonsensical. You wouldnt want the month as a Y-axis value. – enorl76 Apr 4 '19 at 17:22
  • Hi, I'm a newcomer to Google Sheets and SQL both, so I am curious about this.=query() looks like it is specific to the Google Visualization API. Is this normally all it is used for? Or is it just a query language that happens to be/is conveniently available within Sheets so it is used for other things besides preparing visualizations? Thanks. – 1252748 Jul 13 at 13:15

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