I have a form that is submitted to the spreadsheet.

In that spreadsheet I've added a second sheet Results where I want to organize processed view of results. But when the form is submitted, the new row is inserted into the Ответы на форму (1) sheet. The problem is that such rows are not handled on the Results sheet.

So how can I handle form submits if I want processed rows to appear automatically?

Filling diagram

PS: Feel free to clone Results sheet for your experiments.
You can edit the document except of 2 sheets (Ответы на форму (1) and Results).

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Use arrayformula syntax for such operations. Simple copying from one sheet to another:


Processing all E column (starting with 2nd row), marking + if the content of D1 is found:

=arrayformula(if(isnumber(find(D1, E2:E)), "+", ""))

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