I would like to do some conditional formatting with multiple points of criteria. I have the first part of the formula done but after that it's beyond me. =B2<=B22 is the first cell next to the cell I want to format and references b22 to compare. Works great, however I need a formula that uses b2 through p2 and references the corresponding 22nd row to get the job done.

I have tried =(b2<=b22,c2<=c22) along with a variety of other syntax and no luck yet. Please tell me it's a matter of adding more brackets so I can go to bracket town.

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This worked:


Found the answer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6V3KXEuFZs


Multiple conditions can be joined by AND or OR, as desired:


if both conditions must hold.


if at least one condition must hold.

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