I am watching a playlist which is a lecture series. In between the video or when a particular video is finished. I close the browser. How can I return to the playlist from where I last stopped?

Ideally, one would look up the video in history and start there... but I don't think that gives the expected result. It does not resume the playlist, per se.


There's no builtin way to do that, I think the closer would be to go to the playlist page and check the first video which you haven't finished watching, or the next to watch.

For example, here, you can see that until 3.6 all the video are watched, 4.1 isn't, and 4.2 only a bit.

enter image description here


You can always assemble it manually. By looking at URL, you can notice that it's build from 4 parts:


For example, to start from 34th video from a given playlist:

https://youtu.be//watch? &list=PL5Qevr-CpW_yZZjYspehnFc-QRKQMCKHB &v=1nzx7O7ndfI &index=34


playlist ID, video ID and index number can be put in any order you wish. Also, in the first item after address mask you can omit the & character. Shuffle button should be set to off for ultimate chronological playback experience.

  • This only works if you already know the video ID of the item you want to watch... Oct 7 '21 at 17:23

It's easy and you don't need a special website. Open the playlist and watch videos. Drag the address to your favorites or bookmarks bar before closing out when you're done. When you want to go back, open the link. You will be at the last video you watched. Throw out that bookmark and save a new bookmark at the end of your session. Repeat.

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