GitHub repositories can render/preview asciidoc (.adoc) documents, apparently using asciidoctor.

But I can't seem to make pages served by GitHub Pages (GitHub's Jekyll-based service that serves repository documents under github.io) render my asciidoc documents.

Is it even possible?


Jekyll does support rendering AsciiDoc via a plugin, however this isn't part of the default GitHub Pages Jekyll setup.

GitHub lets you configure Jekyll plugins by adding them to the _config.yml file. However jekyll-asciidoc isn't on the list of supported plugins at this time.

You could try submitting a request to GitHub to add jekyll-asciidoc to the list of supported plugins, otherwise you'll have to run Jekyll yourself.

  • People, please submitt a request there on the gems issues :)
    – villares
    Jun 19 '20 at 21:06

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