I selected format -> number -> more formats -> custom number format:


How can prepend spaces between the $ symbol and the digits? Pad with spaces. So that the dollar sign is always on the left and the numbers on the right with the cell filled.

The distinction being that I want dollars and not British pounds, and only want to display whole numbers, not pennies.

Can't get the sequence down of which to apply first as those options seem to wipe each other out.

Update: by clicking Decrease Decimal Places I have the British Pound, but with no decimal places and the currency symbol left aligned.

How do I change that to the dollar symbol?

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You can align your dollar amounts like that by selecting the Accounting format.

enter image description here

  • Select Format on the menu
  • Select Number
  • Select Accounting

It was a combination of, yes, selecting "accounting" as freginold says. I'd already done this. By also moving the decimal and, then, finally, changing the locale from UK to USA I was able to get dollar signs left aligned, amount right aligned, with no decimal places.

Jeesh. I only hope that helps someone out there.


Try using this:

_($* #,##0_);[Red]($* #,##0)

Then be sure you left align your cell.


Add a separate, very narrow column with the $\$$ in it, and format the number as you wish without a currency symbol.

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