I would like to edit the privacy of several (perhaps all) of my timeline posts from before ~September 2013. When viewing my own timeline, is there a way to somehow directly jump to those posts? Or do I have to manually scroll through all of my recent posts, waiting for the page to reload older posts as it scrolls?



I never figured out how to jump directly to a particular post. This outside post described how I could jump to a particular month and year. But those instructions did not work for me. As a workaround, I opened my "Activity Log" in Facebook, which allowed me to jump to a particular year. But it only allowed me to jump to December 31 of that year. So if I wanted to get to a post from May 2013, I had to jump to December 31 of 2013, then scroll down, page by page, through all activity of mine between December 31 and May. Nevertheless, I was able to accomplish what I wanted.

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