Until Google forced the new calendar on users, I was able to hide selected morning/night hours using a Labs feature. Is there any way to do the same in the new version, either through the calendar itself (preferable), a browser extension, CSS sheet, or another method?


I loved this feature. The free Chrome Extension Hide morning in Calendar brings back this missing functionality.

Hide morning in Calendar Chrome Extension allows you to hide empty morning hours in your Google Calendar

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With the new (ca. 2017) Google Calendar, there is not a way to limit the number of visible hours. If that's a feature you think is missing, use the "feedback" tool to let them know. Otherwise, you'll need to seek out some third-party tool to do it for you, if such a thing exists.

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Since no one wanted to provide an actual solution, and somehow the standard Google response got accepted as the answer, this extension will allow you to change the working hours of Google Calendar, and more. This will work for the Material redesign of GCal.


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    This needs access to read, and change data on accounts.google.com, and read browsing history. The other extension listed here doesn't, but it only works on weekly view. – MeowMeow Nov 7 '18 at 15:16

Google allows G Suite users to set "Working Hours" From General settings. However, normal GMail users do not have this same functionality. I've tried the extensions above and they do not see to be effective - all they do is force the "Collapsable Day" function that hides the hours when your browser window size is reduced. It isn't worth the unnecessary extension that can hide malicious behavior.

The best answer is to adapt to the current software structure and provide feedback to Google via the feedback form. This is what leads to UI development and updates.

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