I'm using =CONCATENATE('90diaspessoas'!B16," ", TO_TEXT('90diaspessoas'!A16)) to join two cells data into one, then display the data on a graphic. enter image description here enter image description here

The following picture shows the result that I'm trying to achieve. I made it in Adobe Fireworks:

But this is what I'm getting (Yeah I changed the graphic type, but it's almost the same thing)

enter image description here

As you can see, the date is appearing below the graphic and the data inside the graphic is messed up.

Is there any way I can achieve the example shown in that screenshot before?

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My approach was wrong. Instead I just used:

On column B, row 2, changed =CONCATENATE('90diaspessoas'!B16," ", TO_TEXT('90diaspessoas'!A16)) to ='90diaspessoas'!B16, returning the amount of visitors. Let's say 129 Then on Column A, Row 2, changed Sun to =CONCATENATE(CHOOSE(WEEKDAY('90diaspessoas'!A16),"Domingo","Segunda","Terça","Quarta","Quinta","Sexta","Sábado")," ",TO_TEXT('90diaspessoas'!A16 ) ) Returning the Week + Date. For example Saturday 2017-12-02 You can change the text between the double quotes to whatever you want, mine is in Portuguese, but you could just use:


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