I have dozens of subfolders I prioritize to balance my workload, however, in many cases, the unread messages are not listed first.

I would like a simple button on the GUI of Gmail to simply click to view emails that are unread after clicking on each subfolder.

I don't want all unread messages in my inbox. I like to just click on a subfolder I have created and click a button to view all unread messages there only.

This way if I need to I can select all, even if there are hundreds of emails in that specific subfolder which I can mark as read without affecting other unread messages in other folders.


Folder 1 | Server A Down
Folder 2 | Server B Down
Folder 3 | Messages From Boss
Folder 4 | Impacted Services

If there are 1,000 services impacted in Folder 4, I would like to just see all the unread ones then mark all as read, then view the details in Folder 1.

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It's very simple, all you have to do is add the search label unread as follows: label:unread to the search area.

When you enter some folder, you'll notice that in the search area of gmail, the term is something like:
so just change it to
and it will do the work :)

If you must have it as a GUI button, maybe there's a browser extension to add that button.

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