I tried login in to my Gmail account from another city...

A week has passed, and everytime I do a google search or use a google product, I keep getting this message at the top: "Google prevented suspicious attempt..."

I do NOT know what they want me to do? But I am seriously getting tired of dismissing it.

I realize that I can turn off the alert all together...

But is there a way I can just confirm that the activity was by me, and make it stop alerting me...

Btw, I have already clicked the "review activity" button several times...

Like I said I know how to turn this feature off altogether - that's not what I'm after...


It's because you might have some other security alerts into your account that you haven't reviewed yet.
Here's a simple way to do that:

  • Go to https://myaccount.google.com/security-checkup
  • You will see this security checkup box: Google Security Checkup
  • Click on the unresolved issues. Unresolved Security Issues

  • Click on the 3 dots menu on top right of the specific issue and choose appropriate response. Resolve the Issues

  • Do this for all of the unresolved issues and you shouldn't see alerts anymore.

I hope it helps!

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