I really don't use Twitter much and am still struggling with some of its quirkiness. I'd like to know why a particular tweet from a user doesn't show up in the user's own timeline.

Let's call him "User A": the tweet is his very first tweet on 19 May 2016, let's call it "Tweet #1". That tweet was, I guess, re-tweeted, replied to, or otherwise embedded in another tweet -- let's call it "Tweet #2" -- from another user -- "User B" -- also on 19 May 2016. Then on 20 May 2016, User A replied/retweeted/embedded Tweet #2 in yet another tweet, "Tweet #3". So we have three tweets here, two from User A (Tweet's #1 and #3), and one in the middle (Tweet #2) from User B.

If I look at User A's timeline, all the way at the bottom, I don't see Tweet #1 anywhere; I see a different tweet (Tweet #1a) and Tweet #3 in succession.

Why isn't Tweet #1 at the very bottom of User A's timeline?

  • Did you look under "Tweets" or "Tweets and Replies?" The same tweets don't always show up in both tabs. – freginold Mar 13 '18 at 10:30

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