I'm dividing the value in one cell by a value in another cell. I want the final result to be in fraction form and not reduce to the smallest equivalent fraction.
I've figured out how to get the result of the =divide to format in fraction form (# ???/???).
However, I cannot find a way to keep Google Sheets from simplifying it.

For example:
=DIVIDE(O4,M10) in my sheet should show 20/80 - but it converts to 1/4.
I want to see 20/80. The denominator will change, so I can't do this # ??/80.

It also cannot be formatted as text, because this fraction needs to be used in future math operations.


  • yes. the fractions are equivalent, but the 20/80 is really a ratio of (points earned/total points possible). The spreadsheet later converts that fraction to a percentage. But it would be nice to see the 20/80--mathematically they are the same, but in terms of a ratio, it communicates something different. Mar 8 '18 at 21:50

Try this instead of DIVIDE,

=QUERY(O4/M10,"select Col1 format Col1 '# ?/"&M10&"'")
  • M10:Denominator
  • O4:Numerator
  • By dynamically formatting Denominator to always be M10 through QUERY,We preserve the underlying number as well as the format(as opposed to TEXT ,Where we cannot change the underlying real value.)
  • Sheets still simplifies the fraction instead of leaving it in its ratio form. Mar 8 '18 at 22:12
  • 3
    Bingo! Setting Number format to Automatic did the trick! Awesome Work! Mar 8 '18 at 22:22

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