I use Dropbox for business on my machine, and so I have a Dropbox (Personal) folder, a Dropbox (mybusiness) folder, and a symlink from Dropbox to Dropbox (Personal).

The Dropbox (Personal) folder is causing me problems, because I have code in a subdirectory, and when I try to use a virtualenv with pip, it objects to the spaces in the path.

I've renamed Dropbox (Personal) to Dropbox_Personal and updated the symlink, but now the Dropbox app says it won't work until I change the name back.

Is there a way I can tell it just to use the new folder?


You can rename "Dropbox (Personal)" back to Dropbox and symlink "Dropbox (Personal)" to it, you did remove the symlink (~/Dropbox) first and recreate later.

cd ~

rm -f Dropbox && mv "Dropbox (Personal)" Dropbox && ln -s Dropbox "Dropbox (Personal)"

You can make symbolic links invisible in the Finder

chflags -h hidden ~/"Dropbox (Personal)"

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