I have a repeating section, that is for camp registration. This is pretty simple. The complexity arises in that each camper is counted by day and by family. For instance a single person is $00 for one day - a couple is $01 for a day, three people is $ 002 etc.

Then we also have an early bird discount of 10% for anyone paying and registering before June 1. From there we charge a late fee for anyone after June 1 the fee is fixed - meaning a flat fee.

We also have t-shirts and various other things on the form. I would love to have this calculate based on the number of people and the days they are staying. Then calculate the apparel order - that part again is easy. But from there adding the discount on registration fees only not on apparel or donations.

We would also like to have a pivot table sort - that shows us how many shirts in what size are ordered etc. Currently I have the item in a column , and then the sizes in another column - so if someone orders 2 t-shirts and three sweatshirts, we would like a place that shows us how 2 XL t-shirts are ordered and 1 l sweatshirt, 2 medium - etc.

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