I like and use GSheets often, but organizing the clutter is kinda difficult.

As such, I wanted to have it such that specific sheets (such as a log for my appetite and activity data) will be auto-synced with a specific note on Evernote.

Is that possible?

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Not with IFTTT, but yes with Zapier.

The recipes IFTTT offers are much simpler, and it doesn't seem to be possible to get the new row data from the tracked sheet. It is possible though to get an update when a new row is added.

If you don't mind using another service (or combine both of them) you could use the following:
Note: The combination would be useful if the source destination is not available on Zapier, but is on IFTTT.
In your case, Zapier has both of the sides - the trigger and the action.

In Zapier:

You have New or Updated Spreadsheet Row as a Google Sheet trigger, and Create Note or Append to Note as an Evernote action.

  • If you want to combine both IFTTT and Zapier, you can use RSS or Webhooks to create the connection.

Zapier recipe

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