I'm making a spreadsheet of a tabletop game character sheet and I don't want to use multiple cells for the Attack bonus to save space.

Essentially I'm trying to make it end up looking like


I need to input the =SUM(I21:O21) then take that total and -5, then take that total and -5, then do it once more.

I just need to show each step.

Assuming =SUM(i21:021) is 30 it should come out as 30/25/20/15

How would I do this in a cell?


the ampersand & functions as a simple concatenate:

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=JOIN("/"; SUM(I21:O21); SUM(I21:O21)-5; SUM(I21:O21)-10; SUM(I21:O21)-15)

output: 30/25/20/15

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