Is it possible to sync Google Contacts with Outlook 365 contacts?


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Yes, it is possible.

As @Luke the Geek pointed out in the comments, there are third-party utilities that will allow you to do this. This may be your best option if you have an older version of Windows.

But, there is a native method in Windows 10 (and likely other Windows platforms, such as their mobile ones) for accomplishing this: use the People app. As noted in the comments, this is not a true sync. It is best used for maintaining them both in one location.

Essentially, you sync both Outlook and Google Contacts with People:

  1. Search from your taskbar/start menu for People
  2. Click on the gear on the lower-left to open Settings
  3. Click Add Account, and follow the prompts to add both your Google and Outlook accounts, and set up their sync:

Add Account dialog

  1. Be aware that you might need to use Exchange, not Outlook, depending on how your account is actually set up
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    The above solution put both contact lists in one place, but it does not update contact in one account to another.
    – user208972
    Commented Feb 8, 2019 at 15:41
  • yeah, this was a waste of time. doesn't do what OP asked for. :/ Commented Oct 19, 2019 at 18:18

I found this software Outlook4Gmail. And now I'm trying the Pro version for free, and it seems working well so far. https://outlook4gmail.scand.com/

Free version is limited. Label and Group are ignored.

Also tried Contact Sync, but could not sign into a Google account. http://www.pppindia.com/contacts-sync/

I had been using Thunderbird synced with Google Contacts, but the Addon I used for syncing stopped working, and I have to look for altenatives. It's remarkable why there aren't reliable builtin tools for syncing.

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