I have completed nearly fifty of the practice problems on Project Euler, but I would like to move away from the pure mathematics, number theory, and programming practice problems for a bit and solve more practical mathematics problems for preparation of my future major (physics). However, I appreciate Project Euler's mechanism of presenting a problem and offering a PDF document with the solution only after the answer has been found.

Does something similar to this application exist?

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Sphere Online Judge is a great site filled with loads of programming puzzles

  • Link no longer resolves
    – Blind Spots
    Jun 11 at 17:46

There are sites that post lists of programming challenges.

For example:

  • All these are nice sites, especially Programming Praxis and Code Chef, but I would like to lean toward mathematics-based practice sites instead of strictly programming and bit logic. I have tried searching Google for "mathematics practice problems" and "mathematics challenges" but have only found a single site that offers problems at a higher level than high school calculus.
    – Vortico
    Jan 24, 2011 at 23:45

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