I have an additional email address additionalemail@gmail.com associated with my Google Groups account that I use as sender on some groups. I can use this account to log into gmail by providing additionalemail@gmail.com as the username, but when I log in I really log into my realemail@gmail.com account and need to use the same password.

I'm unable to receive email on additionalemail@gmail.com and email to this account bounces. When I try to claim the account using Accounts and Import -> Send mail as I don't receive the verification email.

It looks like my additionalemail@gmail.com only works like an alias for my realemail@gmail.com, but I would rather also have the opportunity to receive email also on this separate account that Google Groups has as an option for subscription.

Would this be possible somehow?

  • What you are speaking about is clearly not possible at all. – user19533 May 4 '12 at 11:01
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See additionalemail@gmail.com is an alias for realemail@gmail.com, which implies that addtionalemail@gmail.com is something like: real.e.mail@gmail.com re.alemail@gmail.com or realemail+anything@gmail.com

This is not a separate GMail account and so you cannot receive separate emails for this. You do not have a separate inbox for this. You can create a filter so that the emails sent to the additionalemail go to a particular label.

You can try creating accounts on different sites using additionalemail, you try to subscribe to something using this additional email.

If you go to GMail>Settings>Accounts and Imports you can add additionalemail under the Send Mail as and send e-mails as additionalemail (but the complete header of the sent email would reveal your realemail@gmail.com).

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