I'm creating a spreadsheet of my customers and I'd like to be able to view email conversations I've had with them more efficiently.

Right now I copy their email address from the spreadsheet and then open Gmail and paste it into the search box.

What I'd like is a link in my spreadsheet that opens Gmail and searches for conversations with that customer automatically.

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If the email address is in cell B2:

=HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE("https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#search/from%3A", B2), "Read Emails")
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@Phil Anderson's approach using HYPERLINK is a great solution, and I just want to extend it slightly.

  1. The search should be for messages either to or from the client:
    from:[email protected] OR to:[email protected]
  2. Special characters like : and @ will be HTML-encoded on your behalf when you use the link.
  3. A single array formula can be used to generate links for all your contacts.
  4. You can customize the link label as well as the link.

If your email addresses are in column B2:B and the client names are in C2:C, you could use the following formula in A1:

={"Gmail Search"; INDEX(IF(LEN(B2:B), 
       B2:B &"+OR+to:"& B2:B, "Emails w/"& C2:C),))

Yes, there is, actually there are several ways:

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