I'm using the following method to encode URLs in Google Sheets:

How do I convert a cell to RFC 3986 standard (URLEncoded) in Google Spreadsheets?

It works. The only problem is – when I apply it to a sheet with 6000 entries – it gives ERRORs. As far as I understand this is due to too many requests. One of the help messages suggested trying to set in delays.

How can I do this?


To set up a delay on the execution of a Google Apps Script use sleep(milliseconds).

The above will work between code sentences not if a formula is repeated thousands of times.

It's very likely that you should try to convert your custom function from one that returns a single value into one that is able to get and return array of values. See Optimization


Not the most elegant solution but I used the script cache as a mutex of sort to prevent too much executions in parallel. I'm sure some must execute at the same time but few enough to not be a problem for me.

// Entry point of the function
var cache = CacheService.getScriptCache();
var last = cache.get('running');
while (last  != null) {
  last = cache.get('running');
cache.put('running', '_', 1); // This data will be cached for just 1 second

If the functions wait too much due to the long queue they will timeout.

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