I have been trying to copy file with cell data only but unsuccessfully. I have a Google sheet documnet with importxm function of about 2000 rows. When the function runs it populates the cells but sometimes the connection gets reset and I loose the data. The second function copyValuesOnly works fine for the same sheet. I am passing the range directly but it reuses the sheet every time. So if I automate it it will be writing the current data in the same sheet and it will overwrite it. I also have a function that I made to save file but I get the exact copy of the file (formulas not data only). Therefore, I am trying to combine both functions but it doesn't really work. How could I save the sheet values in new file instead of in another sheet. This the post I got one of the functions from:


This is what I am trying to copy the file:

function SaveFileData() {
  //file has to be at least readable by the person running the script
var currentdate = new Date(); 
  var datetime = "HW: " + currentdate.getDate() + "/"
                + (currentdate.getMonth()+1)  + "/" 
                + currentdate.getFullYear() + " @ "  
                + currentdate.getHours() + ":"  
                + currentdate.getMinutes() + ":" 
                + currentdate.getSeconds();
  var fileId = 'fileID'; 
  var destFolder = DriveApp.getFolderById('folderID');
  var file = DriveApp.getFileById('fileId');
  file.makeCopy(datetime, destFolder); 

function copyValuesOnly(file) {
  var source = file.getRange('Sheet2!D1:K2000');
  source.copyTo(file.getRange('Sheet1!A1:K2000'), {contentsOnly: true});

TypeError: Cannot call method "getRange" of undefined. (line 26, file "Logger")

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Since file.getRange throws that error, that means file is undefined. Look at why that happens. Possibly fileId is wrong.

In any case, getRange is a method of Spreadsheet, not of File. You need SpreadsheetApp.openById to get a Spreadsheet object instead of DriveApp.getFileById which returns a File object.

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