I want to conduct a recognition task for Chinese characters online. People who fill out the task will have to read the Chinese character, and type out the pronunciation of the character in English pinyin, and the meaning in English. The end goal of what I want to create will look something like this:

Now, by far the easiest to use program out there is Google Forms. I'm aware that there are programs like Ibex, Linger and WebExp, but all of them have a fairly steep learning curve, and as far as I'm aware, need some special magic to distribute the form to users online. If I can get this working on Forms, all I need to do is send people the link, and they're good to go.

The problem is, I can't make Google Forms look compact and neat like this mock-up. This is the best I could come up with:

Is there any way to alter the stylesheet on Google Forms, so that the textboxes are more compact and can all fit on a single line, as in the example? And furthermore, is there a way to ensure that this stylesheet will work for all users who open the Form?

Alternatively, is there a relatively unchallenging program that I can use to design web experiments like this, in a format like this, and be able to distribute it easily without requiring participants to download Java or jump through other hoops?


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